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Prophecy Of Suffering Messiah (11/11)

Dear YT Friend,

Last Sunday I shared my message on this famous chapter--reading itself sometimes touches your heart.
While we were singing "Christ Alone," Lord touched my heart as well-God put all our iniquities upon him.



By the way, this coming Sunday (tomorrow), we have thanksgiving worship at our church being remodeled (beautiful with new roof, new siding and imitation-stone entrance area and all around pillars!). After the worship, we will join Thanksgiving dinner at Neil Avenue Baptist Church (intersection of King Ave)--about 12:15pm or so.

Also we will have annual thanksgiving dinner on 11/22 Thursday, this time, at my house. Everyone, especially those who are in Columbus is welcome. We will have four IFI students as well.

Two updates:
1. Tom and Evelyn and baby Thomas will move to Cleveland about mid-December because a big promotion for Tom's new job. Please pray for their new housing and church home there until we meet again in God's due time.
2. Joe and Joy and baby Joseph will move back to Columbus by next March time frame. Pray for their new house search and job situations.